Recruit and retain high performing crews



The cost of hiring the wrong candidate can be dramatic, so it is vital that you are able to evaluate whether people are ready for the roles you need them to play.

From assessing new joiners to helping your brightest candidates move through the ranks, Ocean Technology Group provides you with all the tools you need.

Assessment tools you need

Knowledge assessments of  STCW functional areas and other major legislation

Psychometric and personality assessment to help you identify optimum behaviour and mental aptitude

World recognised Maritime English Language testing to give you confidence in communication and comprehension in the working language of the sea

Digital Performance Appraisal tools that let your onboard leaders set goals and reflect on performance

All these combine to enable you to discover weaknesses, plan remedial action and design pathways to help your people to thrive and excel.

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By bringing together Seagull and Marlins, to combine the most proven and respected names in maritime assessment and competency management, an unrivalled team with a deep understanding of the needs of ship operators today.

For Recruiters

We all know the risks if crews don’t work well together.

Safety and environmental risks, loss of time and money – even reputation can be damaged. In a safety critical industry such as ours, the consequences can be severe.

Seafarer recruitment and promotion are key processes.

That’s why you need peace of mind that you are selecting teams you can entrust with the care of your people, the environment, cargo and vessels.

So what is important when evaluating your candidate?

Why pre-employ test your candidates?

Improved screening of candidates provides greater insight than just a résumé or interview.

Get accurate information about a person’s capabilities and gain peace of mind using objective data-driven decision making

Reliable pre-employment data supports ongoing crew competence management and training programmes.

At Ocean Technologies Group we have brought together the most recognised and respected names in pre-employment testing, with a deep understanding of the needs of crewing professionals. From assessing new joiners to helping your brightest candidates move through the ranks, we provide you with the tools to recruit and develop the talent your business needs.

Find out how you can help you take your maritime recruitment and promotion to the next level