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Why training matters – developing a ship’s most critical asset, its people

At Ocean Technology Group we understand the unique challenges facing the maritime industry today. That’s why our learning technologies are designed to help you deliver on the things that matter most: safety, compliance, people management and cost efficiencies. 

Developing a ship’s most critical asset – its people

It’s estimated that human error is responsible for up to 96% of all maritime accidents. That’s not including the near misses that often go unreported

A shortage of good candidates, rapid promotions, inconsistency in standards, and the need for people to constantly adapt to new technologies all contribute to a culture where mistakes are easily made – and can have catastrophic effects

Why training matters

  • Makes a ship safer by reducing human error – helping to save lives, prevent injuries, and avoid damage to property and the environment.
  • Drives cost-efficiencies by reducing time lost to accidents, incidents or errors
  • Creates a more productive ship by helping people get better at what they do and willing to embrace new technologies and responsibilities

“ Human error has long been regarded as a major cause of incidents in the shipping sector. It is estimated that between 75% to 96% of marine accidents can be attributed to human error.”

Safety & Shipping 1912–2012 From Titanic to Costa Concordia, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

Technology to deliver training anytime – anywhere

The tools you need to manage the selection and development of your seafarer.

By bringing together the most proven and respected names in maritime e-learning, assessment and competency management, we have an unrivalled team with a deep understanding of the needs of ship operators today.

On-board, on-shore, online and on the move

  • Operate safely to meet and exceed compliance targets
  • Get on top of your personnel management challenges with technologies that let you manage the recruitment, development and retention of your people
  • Prove your excellence in internal and external audits, including port and Flag State Inspection
  • Drive cost-efficiencies through reducing the need to travel

We’ve helped some of the world’s most successful companies utilise the power of e-learning to transform their businesses.

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