Seafarers Delivering Christmas – your chance to show your gratitude to the world’s seafarers

The shipping industry, through its supporting organisations*, has come together to show its gratitude and thanks to all the seafarers who have continued to (literally) deliver so much, under such difficult circumstances, throughout this turbulent year.

Under the hashtag of #SeafarersDeliveringChristmas, the industry has developed a range of initiatives to help show our gratitude, including a flyer detailing exactly how companies/organisations and individuals can assist the worlds’ seafarers as well as a fun Christmas singalong video based on The 12 Days of Christmas, which we at Ocean Technologies Group will be collecting submissions and editing on behalf of all involved in the initiative. More information can be found here:

 What can we do?

The supporting organisations are appealing to companies and individuals to get creative and be involved in whatever way they can – this could be:

  • Through donating gifts and money to the seafarers’ missions and charities.
  • By providing free, 10-minute telephone calls.
  • By providing your own rendition of the Christmas singalong video, allowing us to potentially upload verses and place them alongside others in a show of unity.
  • Helping to provide access to company or other support helplines.
  • Through the organising of holiday fundraising activities.

Click here to download the flyer for further details on how to get involved

Through our joint efforts, we can ensure that our vital seafaring colleagues are not forgotten and remain at the forefront of people’s hearts and minds – after all, there’s a very good chance that the presents opened, and food consumed, arrived by their very hands.

So if you are celebrating Chanukah, Omisoka, Bodhi day, Hogmanay or any other special holiday, please do take some time to help with this initiative for the good of all our seafarers who might be away from their loved ones  – they really will appreciate it. 


* Supporting organisations

ICS, ICMA, IMCA, Inmarsat, INTERCARGO, INTERTANKO, ISWAN, ITF Seafarers Trust, ITF, MNWB, Ocean Technologies Group, Seafarers Hospital Society and Seafarers UK